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    Bad Hersfeld


Here is a list of some other website's I've created:

Brian's 2006 Summer Vacation to Germany! 
Ich liebe Deutschland! This is my newest, most recent website featuring many of my German friends and relatives. I was so happy to have been able to visit Germany again this summer, I just wish that I could have stayed longer!

Brian's Trip to Deutschland and England Part I Brian's Winter Trip to Deutschland. 
The Winter Adventure. In December 2000, I made a travel adventure to Germany. This inspired me to study German at The Goethe Institute in Toronto, and to plan Brian's Trip to Deutschland 2 - The Summertime Adventure.


Brian's Homepage!


Brian's Homepage.  
This is my little "sandbox" on the web where I try out new web developing techniques and technologies. You must have a sense of humour to visit this website. Here you can see pictures of my friends, family and other fun stuff. Enjoy!


The Canadian Coin Reference Site! The Canadian Coin Reference Site.  
This is my biggest website. I started this website in 1997. It has won many awards. Here I attempted to create a useful website for all Canadians.  It has a popular discussion section!



The Torex® Coin Show.  
This is a business website I made for Torex®. Here you will find scheduling information for all of the upcoming coin shows which take place in downtown Toronto.


Syncona - Music of the Caribbean Syncona - Music of the Caribbean.  
I put this website together for my dad, Dick Smith and his band. Here you can listen to my dad's music in Real Audio. Presently, he is a percussionist in the Disney Theatre Production of "The Lion King" or "Der König der Löwen" at Toronto's Princess of Wales Theatre.

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